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Got Cellphone?

Who doesn't, right? When it comes to real estate photography this is one item that shouldn't be in your tool bag. Unfortunately, there are some agents that think this is a great way to improve their ROI... Wrong!

Cellphones don't make anyone a photographer. Worse, in the eyes of a client, they actually create a misconception of the agent in their own career field.. selling homes. So if you don't want to be perceived as an amateur all around, just don't do it. There are some good photographers out there that you may be passing up and perhaps paying more for less right now.

So here is a hint: Although the best iPhone in the future won't replace a good camera especially with a professional behind it, cell phones are great for a selfies, close portraits or any imaging that you forgot to bring your expensive camera to, especially if you are really only using the images on a cell phone. MOST IMPORTANT: NEVER use a cell phone for photos in the vertical position, UNLESS you are taking a selfie. In today's world, we see things horizontally, like your TV, your PC and laptop. Do you find yourself trying to see beyond the sides of a vertically created video? If so, you may already see the point.

All the best in your sales!

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