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Real Estate Sells without Leaving the Office!

Have you ever looked for a way to provide ALL the needed info to a property prospect without having the back-n-forth ritual of driving to the property and back? If you could only pre-qualify the property without leaving the office, saving time and expense, and disappointment to the prospective buyer. This would save the hassle to the seller, and create and overall better experience to the buyer. So why not save money and time, perhaps sell the property for more money and quicker, and gain more work thru referrals and happy clients?

Well, Drone 360 Photography does just that thru the iGuide proprietary Virtual Tour system. Your clients can actual view the listing in 3D, high resolution, and is available for Virtual Reality viewing. They also do just still photography, videography, and post editing, both ground and aerial and insured for all services to protect the client and agent.

Have you ever had someone ask, how wide is that entry way in considering a wheel chair? Perhaps the client wants to know a specific portion of a wall measurement, to see if their 82" wide screen will fit properly. With iGuide, you can actually measure accurately right on your PC screen, laptop, tablet or cell phone, by drawing your finder or moving your mouse. How easy is that? No other system out there offers such an option.

The iGuide system works with any type business or property. Whether selling, renting, leasing, of any size or use, you will find this is the better way of Visual Marketing. This is also a great way to show off any brick-n-mortar business property, offerings, and services on Google Business View. So when you are looking for a better showing while improving your image, you may just want to give Drone 360 Photography a better look. Just give them a call, or better yet, visit their website. By the way, they are also FAA commercial certified and licensed Drone Pilots.

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