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We Know First Impressions Matter ...
 especially when it comes to purchasing real-estate.
It's very important to realize - People Shop with their Eyes!
 It all starts with great professional photos, ground and/or aerial ...
then when you are ready to really impress your prospects -
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             We provide all the tools here to get you noticed and take you to the next level. 
Invaluable for Any Commercial Space, Business, or Property ... 
Regarless of Use or Size! 



iGUIDE: listing platform for Real Estate professionals to share the information buyers are looking for when home searching 

            Property Interactive Floor Plans

Leverage the power of accurately visualizing your real-estate listings by providing high-quality floor plans.


            Room Measurements

Buying a home represents so much more than the house itself. It is also accompanied by all of the furniture and décor
– room measurements are a must. This is a great must-have feature for the buyer, stager, and home interior decorator.
You, or your client, can interactively measure any portion of the floor plan right on the screen while viewing it in 3D!


            3D Property Tours

There’s simply no better way to showcase your listings than by immersing your prospects in a 3D property tour.


            Floor Area Calculations

When it comes to a real estate property, we know the importance of providing accurate floor area calculations – which is why this is an included part of the iGUIDE features package.


            Professional Photos

They say an image is worth a thousand words and we know you know how important it is to have the best photography on your listings. Although still photos can be taken from the tour, our professional photo shoot adds to these features in hi-res.


            Agent Information

Your information is always displayed at the very top, front and center. We want to ensure that as soon as the prospect is interested in your listing, they know how to contact you right away. We help your branding get noticed.


            Neighborhood Information

The location of your listing matters greatly. Providing prospects with neighborhood information will give you the advantage as prospects want to be informed and aware. Marketing material and aerial photography are also available. 




























Click an Image Below to Sample a Tour Type

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What is the iGUIDE?

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Why Are You Paying for Floor Plans?  It's Like Getting Them Free With Our 3D Tour!

All Our iGuide Tours Include Laser-Accurate Interactive Floor Plans and Screen Measurements at No Extra Cost!

The solution provided is feature-rich! It is a Photographic Resource, and an Interactive Floorplan, giving you Accurate Interactive Measurements right on your screen! 
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Standard Floor Plan
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iGUIDE Viewer

iGUIDE is a listing platform for Real Estate professionals. (Click on image cluster above to view samples)
Share the information buyers are looking for when searching for a home, with more power and features than any competitor.



iGUIDE Report

Helping you make the most out of your listing. 

Our iGUIDE Report is what you receive once your report is ready. It includes 3D tour links, professional images, property details, and easy-to-embed code. In it, you will ­nd all of the links, downloads, and tools you need to list your property.



Report available within 24 hours; next business day



Download all images, floor plans, and 3D tour directly onto your computer



Share your listing on social media with our ready-to-post code



iGUIDE Analytics

Helping you track how well your listing is doing. 

iGUIDE Analytics provides valuable call-to-action insights focused on where your listing is getting the most traffic and by whom. Leverage these to help you make strategic decisions. We focus on providing you with the information you need; so that you can focus on closing the deal.



Get a breakdown as to which sites generate the most traffic for your listing



Understand your visits; whether they’re first-time or returning users


Browsing Time

Uncover how long people are browsing through your listing details to target your content placement more effectively


iGUIDE Floor Plans

A visual overview of your property 

At iGUIDE we know the importance of superior-quality floorplans and the value they have on your listing. Every iGUIDE comes with floorplans to drive engagement. Don’t worry, we have you covered. In today’s competitive market, we know you need to continually stand out from the rest; and having a professional and detailed floor plan can make all the difference.


Standard vs Premium Floor Plans

We have two different types of floor plans. Our premium includes more details such as door swings, appliances, and fixtures. This allows you to really get to know the space in a more intimate way. Our standard also provides the information you need to get a thorough understanding of the floor plan layout. We invite you to compare the two and decide which one may be more suitable to your needs.


















Floor Plan Colors

We have created a number of different color combinations to best suit your personal preference. We invite you to choose the browse through our selection and select the one that best speaks to you. Every floor plan has been designed to ensure our customers are getting the most details. Above are two of the six choices available. 



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