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Real Estate Agents May Need a Boost!

When it comes to obtaining new clients, creative marketing is a must! Today with social medial and a great website, these are modern tools to catch the viewer’s eye when searching for any product or service. No matter what medium you use, be it email, website, social media, and even text, you want to get your word out in the best effective way possible. This is also greatly important for real estate agents, brick and mortar businesses, and any service that wants to attract more clients.

Especially in Real Estate as a Seller’s Agent, it’s a competitive marketplace. Once a home or commercial property is published on MLS, there is an opportunity for other sellers to share in the offering. This can be good for the posting agent, especially if it sells quicker, and better yet, for more money. This creates a win-win situation for all involved including the client.

So what are you doing different to increase your ROI while being more efficient and pre-qualifying the buyer to save you time? Perhaps you should re-look at your overall marketing. The most obvious is in what way you are presenting the offering, and what you can do to capture the sale. After all, you are marketing a product, in this case a client’s home. What if you could show the home in the best way possible, and effectively? What if you didn’t need to lose valuable time in showing that wasn’t what the client was really looking for, or the unnecessary trips back and forth to the property to measure or check some questionable concern for the prospective buyer?

Let’s review some known facts of the most useful client requests in the value of an agent website: (Top Five previously published in the National Association of Realtors 2017)

  • Professional Photography 98%

  • Detailed Information 98%

  • Floor Plans 83%

  • Virtual Tours 82%

  • Videos 61%

Unfortunately for the broker and client, many agents may only be using one or two of these.

The best iPhone will never replace a digital camera (DSLR) in the hands of a professional offering a full photographic service. Thankfully so, as it dampens the agent-to-client perspective of him/her as a professional. Regardless, would you rather spend time taking pictures or making sales?

Thankfully today there is modern technology in equipment and new professional techniques to help you market. In the photographic world, we can remove clutter from an area or virtually stage an open area. We can create a dusk shot from a well-lit home in the daytime. We can make smooth fluent video where others may use a vertically held cell phone bouncing around making the viewer confused and dizzy.

Drone aerial photography is here and growing, why not take advantage for a bird’s eye perspective to show the whole property, to bring out the features, and to captivate viewers especially if video is used.

On the inside, we now have Virtual Tours. This allows a prospective buyer to walk thru, navigate, and see every feature the property has to offer in detail and best quality imaging, even in 3D. Some proprietary equipment uses laser to accurately create floor plans, where a viewer can even measure off a PC, laptop, or cell phone, any dimension in the whole home to help see where things can fit, and sizes of doorways for example, without leaving the agents office or in the comfort of their current home! You would be bringing value to the client and yourself.

So, in summary, great tools are available today to help you excel and take you the next level. It all boils down to how you want your prospects and peers to perceive you as a professional, and how busy do you want to be. See a professional who may offer a variety of services to step you up, or just save you some time and expense. You may pay a few dollars more but gain on your ROI and agent branding, or you may just get more for your money. Either way you will gain! The choice is yours.

Happy selling!

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