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Which Would You Choose? Self or Pro?

Attached here are a couple of recent aerial photos that were created for this experiment. Both were shot with the same camera at the same time. I suspect you may see the difference notably. So what is the deal here?

Well, as a dormant licensed realtor and professional photographer, I am trying to make a simple point here. As a realtor, one would never advise anyone to sell their home without using a professional, and for good reason. But when it comes to things like improving their clients sale, and the agent's ROI, they miss the mark. A professional photographer's job is to put the property, inside and out, in it's best view for the prospect, using the necessary equipment and techniques in his "bag of tricks" to make this all happen.

Taken with automatic settings

I have seen real estate agents using their smartphone to take pictures for the MLS. Some feel they saved a dollar by doing it themselves, others feel they can do the same as a professional photographer. If we carry that same mentality to the home sale, that is why many home sellers want to sell their home themselves. Perhaps you see the point.

These two photos were not touched up or edited in any way for this comparison. Simply, one was shot with the camera on full automatic. The other required a professional to manually set the setting to achieve the result shown, nothing more. Imagine if this was an interior with various ambient lighting, too little or too much, effecting the final shot. How does this represent the quality of the real estate agent, and how does this effect the number of prospect views, and finally the sales offer for the client?

Shot with adjusted camera settings

So the question, how do you perceive yourself as a real estate agent? How do you want your clients to see you and the quality of your performance and personal reputation?

Which would you choose?

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