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Get Noticed on GOOGLE Street View

Have you ever wanted to get more free advertising for your business, attract more clients, and perhaps improve your business image to new prospects? Well now you can!

Social media is now coming up to speed on video, 3D and getting closer to Virtual Reality. Facebook and Google perhaps are heading the list since they are used for business marketing purposes. Google has made their Street View available to posting a Virtual Tour or video. Until recently, you may seach for a business and view their location on Google Maps and even get a still image or two to show what they offer. That was great then!

Now in that same spot you can provide a video tour, perhaps even with "hot-spots", so a prospecting viewer can navigate your establishment, get a feel for the property, understand more of what you offer, and so much more. Overall, nothing is more captivating or informative than a Virtual Tour or even a simple video walk thru. Keep in mind, still images are still great and certainly necessary, especially when done in professional quality! So where is this of value? Well Google Maps to start when a viewer is seaching the internet, auto dealerships, hospitality, retail, rental and office property, even construction, and certainly residential and commercial real estate.

When it comes to Real Estate, as an agent you may be behind your competition if all you offer is still pictures! Unfortunately, there are still some realtors out there using cell phones, and holding them the wrong way when they shoot as well! TIP: Vertical is for selfies, the Washington Monument, and the Eiffel Tower for most. Using it this way eliminates all the viewing information to the sides, worse when there is action involved. In our world, our viewing devices in normal use such as our PC monitors and TV sets are all viewed horizontal. All these practices do in property presentation is paint an unprofessional image to the buyer or viewer, and reduces the chances of a faster sale with a better offering to the seller. It also instills a bad impression to potential clients in the future. Today, even Zillow is promoting two minute video walk-thrus.

So, take advantage of today's technology in Photography and Videography! Let the pro make you and your property look best and do your 'heavy-lifting'. We like to call it "Blending Technique with Technology".

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