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So, how do you inspect claims for construction, or market real estate?

As a licensed Insurance Broker and Financial Advisor, I have the opportunity to educate and inform individuals, families, and business owners on ways to enhance their bottom line and improve their life style over the future years, while protecting their assets.

As a licensed aerial and ground videographer, I have the opportunity to extend my prior expertise on a number of related industries while providing and extending the insurance needs into aviation, from hobbyist to professional flyers.

There has been a lot of buzz in the last couple of years about drones. There is mixed emotions, questions, and concerns as to what they are good for. There are so many uses to serve the community and businesses regardless of the industry chosen. It's difficult to pick up a newspaper, magazine, or watch TV without seeing or reading something about this industry, unfortunately, usually because some nonprofessional thought it would be fun to play with this recently elevated technology and break the rules.

As a professional, one of my jobs is to identify the commercial need of a business, be it an insert in a website, 30 second commercial for a car dealership, do a inspection for a roof, cell or wind tower, or calculate materials usage on a construction site (more listed on our website). Real Estate is one which can gain immediately in enhancing the marketing listing of a home or property. Today, every shopper usually goes to the Internet first when doing their research, or before an on-site or store purchase is considered. It like "putting your best foot forward". Video supersedes every day photography no matter what the subject. So if you have a home to sell in the $500K range or more, realtors would be wise to consider the option. If put together correctly, could mean more money in the seller's pocket and for the realtor. Contracting a professional is typically more beneficial while offsetting the small cost of videography. Although a bit more pricy, today there is even 360 video which gives the real estate market or sporting event a virtual tour.

Like to know how Drone Photography can improve business

Drone 360 Photography is today's photo & video resource

I'm passionate about my industry and enjoy meeting individuals and creating a professional solution for those in need. From raw photos & video to a complete production. | (978) 582-3490 |

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