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Fact: Over 100 million hours of video are consumed each and every day! Video also improves your Google ranking!
As professional videographers, we have put together some sample video animations to help you in thinking away from the boring Old School presentations and video intros of the past. These may help you in getting the creative juices flowing to spark up your existing video or slide show, regardless of your industry, or use them as a stand-alone to get the point across and capture a sale. If you don't have a video or slide show, we can produce a branded professional one for you.

We have 3000 styles and variations as well as creating our custom modifications for virtually endless productions. These can be quick and simple or rather detailed and involved. Consider branding content and contact information, CATs (call to action), sales presentations, and product or service exposure and awareness, or informative in nature. You can have embedded music or personally added narration, and share all your branding and contact information, tagline, and any marketing point you may want to get across. Engagement is the key!

We custom build the rendered production for your needs and requirements and do our best to match a specific industry if necessary. All can be placed on your website, U-Tube and all Social Media platforms, your office and client presentations, and even emails. They can also be incorporated or used as a stand-alone video. They are yours to be used at any time and anywhere, all without an on-going subscription for a one-shot Small Video! However, for those who want to market with Small Video attractions, we can put together an on-going program meeting their goals.
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Pricing begins at just $33.00 for Small Videos

Picture your company logo, branding, and contact information on one of our sample Small Videos below!

Where Can I Use Small Videos?

There are endless custom applications where Small Videos can be used to grab attention and keep the visitor captivated and informed. You need to engage your visitors! Tell them who you are, what you offer, how to reach you, and why they need you vs. the competition! Social Media has proven that Small Video has a huge place in exposure marketing and has indicated rapid growth. The main concept is to have the opportunity to express and expose your services, your product, your story, or property (be for sale, rent, or lease) creating a win-win scenario for you and the prospective client.
 So let's point out some places in which Small Videos may easily be used and a huge value to you and your business:

  • Use on Google Business Views | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | eMail | LinkedIn | U-Tube | Many Other Internet and Digital Media sites

  • Show them Your Discounts | Sales | Holidays | Seasonals | Stories | Events | Social Promotions | Insights | Announcements | Thank You

  • Intros (before larger videos or slideshows) | Outros (ending larger video or slideshows) | Introducing a New Product or Service

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