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Oxford Wordpower Dictionary Software Free 13 [2022]




It can be used on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC or e-book reader. Also available in 20 languages, including French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese and Polish. With over 100,000 words, you can expand your vocabulary and vocabulary building. This application is a great tool to use when learning to read, since its vocabulary is perfectly matched with the vocabulary taught in primary schools. Cocktail, noun - A drink composed of two or more ingredients, typically mixed with ice. Coitus, noun - Sexual intercourse. Coffee, noun - A drink made of coffee beans ground and brewed. Collage, noun - a picture which has been stitched together from various sources. Comedy, noun - A type of drama in which laughter and entertainment is produced by comic situations and characters. Concise, adjective - Brief in expression and free from lengthy detail. Confectionery, noun - A foodstuff made by combining various ingredients with a sweetener. Conjunction, noun - A conjunction is a word that links together two or more words into a single complete sentence. Conjunction, verb - To link together words or sentences by using a conjunction. Congruous, adjective - of or relating to things of the same kind or group, similar. Conviction, noun - A feeling of firmness or confidence in one's own view or opinion. Consensus, noun - The agreement among all or most members of a group on any question or issue. Considerate, adjective - Characterized by careful and thoughtful regard for others. Contradiction, noun - Two words or ideas that are contradictory. Contribute, verb - To add something of one's own to something already present. Conversational, adjective - Done or used in such a way that it can be understood by ordinary people without much training. Conversational, noun - The words and phrases used in ordinary spoken conversation. Co-operative, adjective - Working together with others to achieve a goal or a result. Co-operative, noun - A combination of a business or a firm with an organization that buys products or services to produce a new product or service. Co-ordinating, adjective - Used in a context in which two or more separate actions or people are linked together. Copious, adjective




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Oxford Wordpower Dictionary Software Free 13 [2022]
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