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Unique Photo Solutions

Virtual Staging

This is the easiest and fastest way to fill an empty room to provide a lived-in space. There are choices of decor. This may certainly save money versus literally physically staging a room just to get a "feel" of occupancy.

From Rough to Finish

This option is a contractor's delight! Ever wonder what a room or whole house may look like when it is finished, yet still under construction? Perhaps it is a custom home and the buyer's want another look aside from a blueprint to visualize any needed changes or even just to appreciate the work performed.

Declutter an Existing Room of Unwantables

Here is a unique way to remove the unwanted furniture and other unwanted materials without lifting a finger. This prohibits the need to force relocating the items or disposing prior to showing the home.

Dusk Image Conversion

It is always to have a night shot of the house, especially when a typical viewing is done in total daylight hours. With this option, this removes the need to make a second photographic trip to shoot at dusk where sometimes the beauty of the homes actually shines.

Image Retouching

Image Retouching is the process that comes from editing a photograph. It can be the difference to make the photo "pop". It can also be the difference to make a good photograph great. This is typically an enhancement from the standard photography session. However, in some cases a requirement due to poor indoor or outdoor ambient lighting.

Sky Replacement

Sky Replacement can enhance an outdoor image especially when the time of day or the weather is not cooperating. It will enhance the property and bring out the best in the image. You can't always time the photo shoot making this the next best alternative.

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